A Treaty Scroll

Our Treaty Scroll campaign has been used to show support for a Treaty for over a decade.

A treaty is fundamental for ensuring the social and economic progress of First Peoples.  Currently there is a limited recognition of the rights of First Peoples, a treaty will see an end to this by allowing First Peoples full legal rights to self determination.

Our Treaty Scroll petition is very simple, if you support the creation of a treaty and the rights of First Peoples self determination you sign the treaty in a very personal way- by placing your fingerprint on the scroll. You can also fill add to our treaty scroll books by explaining how you will support the rights of First Peoples.

We help schools, community organisations, churches and businesses run their own local Treaty Scroll campaigns locally.  We can also help you plan events around the campaign as well as provide educational materials for your school or community group to discuss and share on the day of the campaign.

If you want to run your own Treaty Scroll campaign fill out the expression of interest form below and we will be in touch.