We are a grassroots organisation campaigning for justice and fairness for Aboriginal Peoples in Victoria.

We want to walk with you, we don’t want to walk alone...
— Pastor Doug Nicholls

ANTaR coordinates a major national community education and awareness campaign on native title and reconciliation.

This includes:

  • maintaining close liaison with Indigenous leaderships and communities

  • conducting national campaigns and lobbying on Indigenous affairs

  • conducting education and awareness projects targeted at non-Indigenous Australians and international audiences.

  • Supports and works with state ANTaR groups including ANTaR Victoria

ANTaR Victoria focuses on activities and issues specific to Indigenous people in Victoria, while also supporting national campaigns and priorities.


ANTaR Victoria activities include:

Education – on local and state levels throughout the community

Advocacy – lobbying and producing submissions to government

Treaty campaign – non-indigenous community education on the current Victorian treaty process

Land Justice - supporting Victorian land title claimants in pursuing negotiated agreements, as well as supporting initiatives such as National Parks having indigenous ownership and leaseback

Public speaking – speakers to come and address groups

Sea of Hands – installations at community events

Support for Local reconciliation/ANTaR groups- regular networking sessions and access to resources supports local reconciliation groups work with their local communities and councils

Stolen Generations, Survival Day and Sorry Day etc.