Help Get Our Message Out

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StolenWealth 2.jpg

Help Get Our Message Out


We run a lot of campaigns at ANTaR Victoria, we're really proud of all the campaigns big and small we've run because they bring us one step closer to reconciliation.

It costs us about $53 per campaign communication material like emails/ petitions and it costs us about $51 per hour to design and print our street magazine, TREAT.

How is this money spent?

For every single email we send or poster we develop we:

  • Pay the artists for the images we use
  • Retain graphic designers to make sure our content is as attractive as possible
  • Employ a professional campaigns communicator to make sure our campaigns are on target, on message and value for money
  • We engage with interested stakeholders and community partners
  • We host forums, workshops and symposiums to broaden our message
  • We record our events and make them accessible online to expand our conversation and impact

Can you help us we leave a massive impact in Victoria, we've had some brilliant wins already like our Sea of Hands installation or the STOLENWEALTH GAMES sign during the Melbourne Commonwealth Games but we need your help so we can do even more.

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