Statement about Birubi Art

Birubi Art is a wholesale supplier to ANTaR Victoria. 

We are aware that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has commenced legal proceedings against Birubi Art for deceptive and misleading conduct and that Birubi Art is defending those proceedings.

ANTaR Victoria does not sell any products that are subject to this court action. 

ANTaR Victoria will continue to sell items sourced from Birubi Art. We strongly believe that the badges, stickers and lanyards we sell are important in the acknowledgement of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s struggle for justice and recognition.

Kamilaroi artist, Trisha Mason, has worked with Birubi Art for 15 years. Mason has released a statement about her relationship with Birubi Art. 

“My relationship with Birubi Art has endured throughout this time and it has been a long road of creative and commerciallabour with the drive to produce beautiful Indigenous inspired designs on good quality merchandise,” Mason states.
You can find the full statement here.

We will review our decision to sell products supplied from Birubi Art when the ACCC’s action is decided.