We are a grassroots organisation campaigning for justice and fairness for Aboriginal Peoples.

We want to walk with you, we don’t want to walk alone...
— Pastor Doug Nicholls

ANTaR coordinates a major national community education and awareness campaign on native title and reconciliation.

This includes:

  • maintaining close liaison with Indigenous leaderships and communities
  • conducting national campaigns and lobbying on Indigenous affairs
  • conducting education and awareness projects targeted at non-Indigenous Australians and international audiences.

ANTaR (Vic) focuses on activities and issues specific to Indigenous people in Victoria, while also supporting national campaigns and priorities.


ANTaR Victoria activities include:

Education – on local and state levels throughout the community

Advocacy – lobbying and producing submissions to government

Treaty campaign – non-indigenous community education on the need for a formal negotiation process

Native Title – supporting Victorian claimants in pursuing negotiated agreements

Stolen Generations and Sorry Day

Land Justice - supporting initiatives such as National Parks having indigenous ownership and leaseback

Public speaking – speakers to come and address groups.

Sea of Hands – installations at community events

Publications – Unfinished Business Newsletter and Unfinished Business Journal

Support for Local reconciliation/ANTaR groups- regular networking sessions and access to other resources