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A Tour of Budj Bim

The first combined RecVic/ANTaR Vic LRG forum for 2016 will be held at Budj Bim (Lake Condah) in South West Victoria over the weekend 16-17 April.

A tour of the World Heritage nominated Budj Bim landscape and the Lake Condah Mission will be organised for the Saturday afternoon, to be conducted by members of the Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation. The forum will take place on the Sunday morning finishing with lunch.

Basic accommodation will be available in the area for the Saturday night and we will help coordinate transport (car pooling and/or small bus from Melbourne).

For those that wish to arrange own accommodation there is a motel in Heywood (20kms) and many options in Portland (50kms). There may be a small cost for accommodation and food on site.

To register your interest in attending contact the office: 03 9483 1363