Clinton Pryor finishes walk from Western Australia to Canberra

Clinton Pryor's year-long walk across Australia from Western Australia ended in Canberra on Sunday 3rd September after 5581 kilometres. Clinton and his supporting group were met with a corroboree at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy to mark the official end of the walk.

Clinton's walk was a protest against the forced closure of Aboriginal communities and to raise awareness about the discrimination, injustices and challenges faced by Indigenous communities across the nation. Clinton called on Malcolm Turnbull to meet at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra to discuss a treaty and present a list of demands drafted by Clinton and Elders he met during his journey. 

Along the way, Clinton Pryor met with Indigenous groups and inspired communities, as well as attending the funeral of Elijah Doughty, whose death in Western Australia sparked outrage over the inadequate sentencing for the person responsible for his death, and the unjust legal processes and discrimination in the justice system that Indigenous Australians face.  

Clinton Pryor addressed several hundred supporters in Canberra, stating that he will be meeting with politicians this week. 

"We've been fighting for our rights for 50 years and fighting for survival before that. For 129 years we've been fighting the system," he said.

Read more about Clinton's journey here.  

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