Reconciliation Council of Tasmania launched

Tasmania has become the last state to form a council in affiliation with Reconciliation Australia.

The Reconciliation Council of Tasmania has launched in Hobart, with Reconciliation Australia Board member Bill Lawson AM as the Council convenor.  Lawson hopes to open conversations within the community, regarding health, education and housing.

''I'd like to see more Tasmanians willing to talk about Aboriginal issues openly without fearing that they're going to be called a racist or pushed into some sort of a mould," Lawson  said.

"I think many, many, many Tasmanians have got stuff they'd like to know, stuff they'd like to ask and have answered.

Chief executive of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, Heather Sculthorpe, said the council needed to provide more than symbolic recognition of the Pukana, the Traditional Owners of the land and protect their land such as the shrinking Takayna. 

The Council's board of 12 is yet to be elected and, like other state-wide Councils affiliated with Reconciliation Australia, will be made up of 50% Indigenous members. Until then, the focus will cannot be determined.