New Street Art Installation in Charcoal Lane, Fitzroy

Gunnai Waradgerie artist, Robert Young has created an incredible street art mural located on the wall of Charcoal Lane, off Gertrude Street in Fitzroy. The mural, supported by the Yarra City Council, is called Celebration Dreaming and incorporates the past, present and future history of the area as well as referencing Aboriginal identity, connections and culture in Fitzroy and highlighting the significance of the area, and building, for the artist and for the local Aboriginal community. 

The mural took more than 50 litres of paint and 100 cans of spray paint to complete, and Robert Young says it’s a piece designed to will "educate, empower and inspire the next generation".

The mural is part of the Charcoal Lane graffiti prevention project. This project involved commissioning an Aboriginal artist to develop and install a mural on an exterior wall of Charcoal Lane restaurant, with Robert Young's amazing artwork the result.

For more information on the mural, click here.