Aboriginal leaders encourage crackdown on fake Aboriginal-style souvenirs

With the influx of tourists expected in the Gold Coast, Aboriginal leaders are encouraging penalties for retailers who falsely claim their merchandise, such as Indigenous arts and crafts, boomerangs or didgeridoos, is authentic and made in Australia. 

Activist Sam Watson stated that "Far too often you see cheap knock-offs that are created in these offshore sweat shops that look good, sound good, and feel good, but they are not the genuine quality Aboriginal products — that money goes offshore and away from us." Watson is concerned fake souvenirs have been stockpiled by retailers in order to profit from tourists arriving for the Commonwealth Games.

In response, activists planning to name and shame retailers who do peddle fake products, but are encouraging State Government to also impose penalties, including confiscating fake items.

The Queensland Government has stated that penalties will be in place, with Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones saying, "this is the first Commonwealth Games ever to have a reconciliation action plan and we worked really hard to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have their language and their artwork as part of the Commonwealth Games."