Victoria funds newly elected Aboriginal body to advance treaty talks

Co-chair of the Aboriginal Treaty Working Group Jill Gallagher explained, “We want to get this legislation in place to protect the representative body before the next state election, and it’s for this reason that the interim working group is pushing for some things to happen quickly...Treaty will take a long time, getting the framework right and protected early is pretty important,” NITV News, May 1. 

Richard Frankland has written an opinion piece in The Guardian Newspaper relflecting on treaty, "We need our own voice, our own societal structure with our own doctrines, policies, processes and cultural shapes. In essence, we need a social order within a social order". To read the full article titled, 'A treaty won't solve everything, but it could change this nation's cultural tapestry', published on March 6, 2017 follow this link.

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