Support the new Stolen Generations Marker and garden in Fitzroy

The stolen generation’s marker is intended to honour the resilience and struggles of Australia’s first peoples - the communities, clans and groups who were affected and are still healing, it will be a place to gather, rest and reflect. The location of the marker, a permanent outdoor artwork, designed by a prolific Aboriginal artist will be in Fitzroy. The suburb recognised as the birthplace of the Victorian Aboriginal political movement and a place of special significance to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
The stolen generation marker is expected to be launched in November 2017, 20 years after the Bringing them Home Report was released and 25 years after the landmark Mabo decision.

For this significant project to succeed, Yarra City Council are seeking contributions, small medium and large with an aim of $50,000. This will go towards the development, fabrication and installation of the Stolen Generations Marker and landscaped gardens.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

This project is being managed by a Steering Group comprising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members, service providers and Yarra City Council Officers.
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