Annual Closing the Gap Report Released

"This ninth Closing the Gap report showcases real successes being achieved at a local level across the country— by individuals, communities, organisations and government. However, at a national level, progress needs to accelerate."

The 2017 Closing the Gap Report was released on the 14th of February, 11 years after the campaign began. The report found that progress has been made diminishing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians but the country is not on track to meet many of the targets the report initially set out. Although the number of Indigenous students finishing year 12 has increased, targets addressing child mortality and life expectancy have fallen short.

This comes not long after the Annual Australian Reconciliation Barometer was released. Sadly the survey which examined 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and 2277 Australians in the general community  across all states and territories, found that 46% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have experienced racism in the 6 months prior to the survey. On an encouraging note the barometer showed a rising number of Australians believe that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is important to Australians national identity. Furthermore the research has indicated that the majority of Australians have positive attitudes towards reconciliation, although these positive attitudes are still to be transformed into improved behaviors through a range of sectors including, but not limited to law-enforcement agencies, education and community sectors.

Find the report from Reconciliation Australia.