Budj Bim announced as possible world heritage site

The traditional site of Budj Bim on the Gunditjamara country will begin its management and infrastructure building project this year, promoting and protecting the ancient aquaculture site. After receiving a $8 million grant from the federal government last year, the site is looking to increase tourism and emphasise the importance of the site to the first peoples.

In light of this, the federal government has recently announced that it is considering nominating the site to be listed as World Heritage. The list of2017 nominations will be released soon.

Budj Bim, was designed by the Gunditjmara people thousands of years ago and includes channels and eel traps in the form of stone walls.  The area is important in understanding and acknowledging how the Gunditjamara people lived. The site dates back 66,000 years and many have claimed it is Australia’s oldest and largest site of its sort.

The Master Plan to improve management and create infrastructure around the traditional site is set to roll out soon and it is predicted to be completed in 2019.