A Celebration of John Ellis

On 3 April 2016 CICD will celebrate John Ellis’ life and his achievements for peace and social justice. For over 57 years since the formation of CICD, John has been part of our active campaign for peace and nuclear disarmament - quite a milestone!

John’s work has documented the anti-war, Aboriginal, union, refugee and anti-
uranium mining movements and community activism in general.

His images are the largest non-government collection of historical significance within the left movements.

We invite you to celebrate John's life and his achievements with us.

The speakers at the function are:

● Peter Love - was a Senior Lecturer in Politics; he is an active member of the

● Sarah Brown - Librarian and Archivist

● Sue Fairbanks: Deputy Archivist, University of Melbourne Archives

● Shane Houstein - will launch John’s website -

● Romina Beitseen - CICD

● John Ellis

● Victorian Trade Union Choir will be performing

So on 3 April please join us to thank John for all his work for CICD, the Social Justice and peace movements. Australian Society for the Study of Labour History. Sunday 3 April, 2.00 to 6pm. Unitarian Peace Memorial Church, 110 Grey St, East Melbourne.