Action Required: Drop Bill Shorten a Line to say "Thanks"

Friends, hopefully you know by know that Bill Shorten has come out to endorse not just one but two Aboriginal people for the Australian Parliament.  If successful, Pat Dodson would become the second male Aboriginal Senator in history* and Linda Burney the first female Aboriginal Member of the House of Representatives.

We think the Leader of the Opposition is doing some fantastic work, why not drop him a line and let him know that this is a momentous shift, even if it is long, long overdue? Let him know that he can't stop now; more needs to be done but this is a wonderful first step.

Fill out the form below to email Mr Shorten directly, let us know if he gets back to you.  If you're at a bit of a loss for words we've included a draft email underneath that you can send instead.

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Your Name
Please write a short, clear message to the Leader of the Opposition below. If you are at a loss for words we have prepared a template letter below.

Dear Mr Shorten

My name is XXXINSERT YOUR NAME HERE XXX and I am an ANtaR Victoria supporter.

I'm delighted that you have come out to endorse two prominent Aboriginal people for the Australian Parliament.  This move is long overdue and I wanted to thank you for your vision.

Please, now that you're on a winner, don't stop here.  There is so much to do to close the gap, to improve social and health outcomes and to move towards a formal treaty.

I hope that in the lead up to the next election, we can expect more brilliant news regarding your party's policies with regards to the First Peoples of Australia.




* CORRECTION: This article first stated that Pat Dodson would be the first male Aboriginal senator, the first Aboriginal male Senator was The Hon. Neville Bonner.