We Can't Let Alan Jones Erase History

What's Happened:

"[Aboriginal children were taken] to look after them..."

Alan Jones had this to say about the Stolen Generations when one of his callers called to complain that there was a minute's silence held before a match to acknowledge the Stolen Generations.

While no one can argue that children that are in danger or living in abusive homes must be cared for and protected it is just patently untrue that the Stolen Generation was just a non racist intervention.

Co-chair of Reconciliation Australia Professor Tom Calma said Jones' "racism" was a denial of rights and a denial of history:

"For decades Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have suffered wrongs and have had abuses committed against them.

"Many of our mob were removed from their families, banned from travelling freely, punished for speaking our languages and denied access to citizenship, education and health care,"

Mr Jones is entitled to his own opinions but not entitled to his own facts. Can you help us right now to make sure him and his employer understand that this white washing of history is not acceptable?

Here's what you can do right now: 

  • First of all the regulatory body requires that you complain to the broadcaster first, that's Radio 2GB in Sydney.  Here is the link to their complaints form.

However, please make sure your complaint is clear, polite, reasoned and well put.

For your complaint you'll need to know that the Broadcast was on 5:30am-9am on radio station 2GB on AM frequency 87.3 on 15 February 2016.  

You'll also need to make it clear that the reasons for your objection are factual inaccuracies of his comments about Stolen Generations.


  • If the response of 2GB is not satisfactory then you can complain directly to the Australian Communications and Media Authority here:

Note, for the ACMA to review your complaint you have to had lodge a complaint with the radio station first.