This Christmas, Let's Go For a Walk.

Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation is a not for profit organisation that raises awareness on issues impacting First Australians. ANTaR has a history of walking together with people in solidarity and for raising awareness of issues.  Whether it's the Sydney Habour Bridge Reconciliation March or the many demonstrations we have taken part in since.  We always want to walk our talk.

Recognising First Peoples' rights to self determination is essential for creating a just and fair Australia. Are you with us? Let's walk together! We're developing a self guided walking app to discover the Aboriginal law and legal history of Melbourne you probably didn't even know existed.

Aboriginal people are disproportionately represented in incarceration rates.  Together, we need to work for a smarter, more humane justice system.  Let's address the root causes of imprisonment and not just the symptoms.  

We begin addressing the root causes by understanding Aboriginal culture. This is why we want you to go on a walk with us and what better way than doing it in your own time with our new app?